Hydroponics and greenhouse training academy

[acronym: HAGTA]

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     Power your Hydroponics and Greenhouse (HaG) Project! 

You can still enrol for our Master Course on Hydroponics and greenhouse technology! 

All the videos are available.

Come and join us!

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    Let's get started with your FREE Mini-course Video.  


The minicourse video introduces you to the exciting world of Hydroponics and Greenhouses [HaG].


If you haven't received your FREE, unbiased exploratory video --

just add your email to our mailing list to receive the mini-course in video format.


Contact Us

To enjoy the free Minicourse and other benefits or join our group, send your e-mail address to us so that we can keep you updated.

My email address is profgventer@gmail.com 

Here are the contents of the Mini-course:

  • Welcome and Introduction

  • Lifetime learning success via Concentration & Focus

  • Why HaG training on the Internet?

  • Risk and risk reduction

  • The ten most significant mistakes that growers make

  • Why some Hydroponics and Greenhouse projects fail

  • Examples of successful HaG projects

  • Master course information overview

  • Hydroponics and Greenhouse differences

  • The Golden Rule.


Feel free to invite any of your friends to join us if they are interested in Hydroponics, Greenhouses or Overcoming our water shortage challenges.

Message from your instructor:


Hi there,

I'm Gert Venter.

Welcome to my website!


I am an expert on Hydroponics and Greenhouses.

I am also an internationally recognised specialist in greenhouse design.

  • I have the technical know-how to lead and guide you to success.

  • I also have more than a half-century practical experience to share with you. 

  • My training methods make it easy to follow and absorb all the detail.


  • I apply Value Boosting principles to optimise my designs and recommendations.



YOU will be able to save truckloads of Money, Time, and Energy by taking the Master course.

Let me show you how to use

  • Mother Nature's resources and their free benefits to save you money

  • Latent Heat Transfer (LHT) for low-cost frost protection

  • LHT for greenhouse cooling and water purification via distillation

  • Underground Geothermal Climate Batteries (UGCB) for climate storage, and more.

  •  UGCB and LHT to eliminate or reduce your dependence on non-renewable energy resources, e.g. fossil fuel, grid electricity, etc.  [Escom's Load Shedding and Price Hikes in South Africa].

I will show you how to improve your Return on Investment.

  • My primary focus is on HaG designs, especially for Mild to Hot, Tropical and Arid Climates

  • Also, desalination of seawater, brackish and polluted water.  The freshwater produced is suitable for irrigation and domestic use in water-stressed communities.

  • My Master course combines important business, horticultural, scientific, and engineering technologies.


  • The contents include Marketing, Finance, Management, Post-harvesting aspects, and many more items of importance.

I am the author of fifteen Ebooks on 


This course is for you

if you're interested in growing top quality plants for profit.

It doesn't matter how much you already know- 

Remember - there's always something new to learn

  • no matter what your skills or scholastic level might be

  • or what experience you have of growing hydroponic crops

  • or growing crops in a greenhouse, under shade netting or under any other protection.

My Master Course is Unique.


  • IT is your first step in growing your greenhouse crops under protection at an optimised profit.


  • this course offers you a unique opportunity to become a successful hydroponics and greenhouse grower.

  • I address the full spectrum of Hydroponic and Greenhouse crop production subjects: 

  • Plant growth requirements, factors, systems, etc.

  • Hydroponics, every aspect. Also

    • ​Aquaponics

    • Vertical farming

    • Indoor farming

    • Rooftop farming, etc.

  • Greenhouses

    • Types

    • Selection (site, structures and necessary equipment)

    • Design criteria

    • Manufacturing

    • Construction

    • Pros and cons, and other considerations.

  • Climate control 

    • Heating

    • Cooling

    • Ventilation

    • Aeration

    • Climate banking, and many more.

  • Business planning for profit

    • ​Business Plan layout and requirements

    • Financial Analysis

    • Helping you to assemble your Business Plan.

  • Managing your HaG project

    • ​Timing the market

    • Timing your planting dates

    • Knowing how to select the right crops to grow

    • Knowing how to manage your Personnel, Crop production, and Energy.

  • Post-harvest Handling,

    • Storage

    • Cooling

    • Grading

    • Packing

    • Shipping etc..

  • Marketing

    • Marketing channels​
    • Negotiation skills
    • Market requirements
    • Labelling, etc.

  • Bonus:

  • Specialised knowledge


  • Value Boosting - focusing on cost reduction principles that produce positive revenue results without reducing the functionality of your project.

  • Knowing how to assemble your Business Plan

  • Considering your local conditions at all times. It will save you money

  • Identifying risks and knowing how to stay clear of or steer around them

  • Remembering not to be influenced by overpriced sales jargon

  • Remembering to avoid advice and opinions expressed by people without the necessary background, knowledge or practical experience of HaG farming systems,.and much more.

What My Clients Say

Here are Ten extracts from satisfied clients -

[in no particular order].

  • Thank you very much for the Business Plan. The professional way you drafted it was the key to unlocking the funding required for my multi-million Rand export project.

  • The course I bought from you in the past has helped me a lot. My small backyard hydroponic system has been an enormous success. Although the system is not protected, it was very nice to get my fingers so wet.

  • Your course was an excellent source of reference every time I got stuck or wondered about something.  I even grew potatoes successfully! I look forward to hearing from you.

  •  Very-good stuff.  Can you please let me know when the masterclass is scheduled to take place and price, please? 

  • Interested in your tomatoes, cucumber and in particular: strawberry books and production techniques.

  •  Will be great to know with your expertise in all, especially strawberry, which I want to grow now. 

  • Thanks for the video.  I quite enjoyed it. Please send me further details about the course. I am also interested in purchasing your book on growing strawberries. 

  • Thank you very much for sure. I attach our catalogue. Please see if Prof gets a chance and let me know what Prof thinks of it.

  • Pleased to hear from Prof.Thank you / Thank you, Kind regards / Kind regards!

  • I need your kind advice on this Commercial Agro-Industrial Park Development Opportunity. This park will include commercial Hydroponic, Aquaponic, and under-shade netting agricultural systems. Their products, including processed ones, can be used to export to the international market, including Russia and other CIS countries.  We need to know if this project would be economically feasible or require some alternative approach with records of successful projects with the same nature in the world.

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start? 

  • It is a completely self-paced online course.

  • The course starts on Tuesday, 1 September 2020.

  • You can start anytime by clicking [ENROLL]. 

  • You can also start at a later stage. - he videos will be available continuously.

  • You can safely repeat the course as often as you like.

How long should this course take me to complete?


  • We plan to deliver the course over a period of 18 weeks.

  • Lessons will consist of an hour-long video session each week. 

  • For the best result, you should complete the course in 18 weeks.

  • There will be no time for question-and-answer sessions during the lessons. However, essential questions can be raised. I will answer them in regular blogs. 

How long can I use the Videos?


  • How does lifetime access sound? You have lifetime access to the course.

  • You will have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across all your devices.

  • My goal is to help you become a successful HaG producer for life.

  • You may revisit any lecture from time to time to refresh your memory.


What if I want to cancel the Master course?

  • We would never want you to be unhappy!

  • If the course doesn't meet your expectations, you will have two options

    • Tell us what's the problem (e.g., the pace is too fast. We can change that on majority demand).

    • Your second option is to contact me in the first 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked.


Is this course accessible on my mobile?



  • and on your tablet

  • as well as your computer. 




Couldn’t I just find this information for free online? 

YES. There are thousands of websites on both subjects – Hydroponics and Greenhouses. 



  • Thousands consist of low-level videos and material with minimal or zero information of real value.

  • Most will waste your time with non-sensible babbling.


  • Also, the material isn't presented logically. 


  • You'd waste many hours of your time looking for valuable information.


  • You will spend months and years on the Internet separating the kernels from the chaff -

  • Many videos are made by small-scale backyard beginners that are trying to teach the basics.

  • Most videos show newly planted seedlings and nothing more.

  • Many of the websites are sales pages.  Product prices are often ridiculously high.

  • Most of the products on offer will have a negative impact on your Capex, Opex, ROI and profit margin.

  • It is difficult to find a website that focuses on the business and managerial aspects -(marketing, timing, adding value to improve your income, maximising profits - not yields), etc..

  • Websites seldom focus on the most critical aspects such as:

    • HaG management

    • Business Planning

    • Post-harvest handling, cooling, packing, and shipping

    • Hygiene, solarisation, energy and water requirements, etc.

  • You won't have the time to search and assemble the information.


  •  You will still be without information by the time you want to start your project.

Starting, expanding or turning a project around without the necessary knowledge is risky.


The cost of this course is a fraction of what you stand to lose if you do not have the necessary background, training, or experience. 

What is the purpose of the Master course?

  • The primary purpose of the Master course is to share my experience and technical know-how with you. I accumulated it over more than half a century. 


  • My dream is to transmit the necessary know-how to everybody interested in this exciting field of horticulture. New horizons are opening up on a regular basis.

  • Furthermore, I intend to assist you in fulfilling your dreams of becoming a successful HaG producer.

  • Also, to assist you in making a profit by focusing on, and applying the technology on offer.


In what format is the course delivered?

  • The course will be in electronic format. you will attend a video session every week.


  • Your experience will be similar to attending a formal course in a suitable venue, but with more information.

  • I use PowerPoint-type images, backed by colourful photos, diagrams and other illustrations to speed up the training process and to make the contents easy to understand. 

  • [One image is worth a thousand words!] 

  • It saves time, effort, and energy. You can thus maximise the information you absorb during the 18 weeks.


  • You will also be able to recap by playing back the videos afterwards, and you can send questions through during the sessions. but questions will be answered in regular blogs, or at the end of the training period, depending on the contents and importance.

THE Value of the course

The real value of a comprehensive course such as this should be in the order of $500-00 (ZAR 9,000]-00  plus all the additional expenses related to conventional training at a remote venue (e.g. transport, airfares, accommodation absence from your normal activities, etc.).


Internet training saves you money! 

Internet Training reduces the cost of the Master course!       



           You save

The full price of the course is only $250-00 (ZAR 4,050-00).


that's one benefit of Internet Training.

Pay ONLY US$ 225-00 [ZAR 4,050-00]

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