About Gert Venter

My Motto

: Qoute: "I handle all projects; large or small, straightforward or very complicated. I can provide the solutions and resources that you need to get the job done right.


My track record shows that I can make insurmountable tasks possible to overcome.


I'm known for my consistency, viability, timely service, and up-to-date solutions, even for complex projects”. Unquote.

I bring both my passion and expertise to the international community. It helps you achieve success. I focus on optimisation, sustainability, viability and financial success at all times.


I provide high-quality professional services in Hydroponics and Greenhouse Technology (HGT). I compiled business plans for many large HGT projects. it includes Waste to Energy (WTE) and Sludge to Energy (STE) projects. The benefits of these projects include the production of energy and potable water. Municipal solid waste, sewage and other renewable energy sources can be used.


About me    


I am a specialist provider of Hydroponics and Greenhouse Technology (HGT) training. I take pride in offering the best services in my field of expertise in the industry. It includes consulting, training, business planning, and design


I always focus on the primary requirements of my projects. the focus is on the financial, functional and structural aspects - in that order.


My primary consideration is the satisfaction of all my clients and prospects. I apply Value Engineering principles to optimize my designs. Also, in my recommendations and training courses. I strive to meet the needs of my customers and students in a professional manner each day.

 My Background


My background encompasses all aspects of agriculture, horticulture, and energy-related technology.

I am a professional engineer with an outstanding background. My experiences include academic, technical, practical, business and farming. It covers a period of more than 50 years.


I am the author and editor of the South African Journal of Hydroponics and Greenhouses. Also, the author of fifteen handbooks. on hydroponics.The list includes "Successful Hydroponics" and "strawberry manual". Bot titles contain more than 600 pages of up-to-date 21st-century technology).


I retired as Chair of the Department of Agricultural and Food Engineering some years ago. (Faculty of Engineering, University of Pretoria).


I have since focused on local and international HGT consulting. It included training, planning and design services. Also conversion of waste and sewage into electricity and other forms of energy . It can help to mitigate the ever-increasing cost of electricity. This technology can also reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. and other non-renewable sources of energy.


My clients include:

# government departments

# mining houses

# financial institutions

# banks

# private companies and individuals.


I took part in International congresses and conferences over the years. My visits included greenhouse related activities in several countries and Universities.


I trained more than 4,000 local hydroponic and greenhouse growers over the past two decades. Students include producers from neighbouring countries and island groups (Seychelles, Madagascar, and Mauritius).


I focus on local weather in my designs. It helps to minimise our dependence on fossil fuel and other sources of energy. Wind and solar energy is often available at zero or minimal cost. Using it reduces the Capex as well as operating cost of my projects.


Feel free to look me up on social media under Prof Gert Venter should you need more information.

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"I attended your two-day  H & G training course a few years ago.

it was the best that I attended in my many years as a bank manager.

Success with your Internet training!


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