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#Hydroponics and #Greenhouse #Master Course - Uptick your Knowledgebase! Launch: 10 September 2020.

We're ready to launch!

Grab the opportunity.

Enrol for Prof Gert Venter's Master course on Hydroponics and Greenhouses.

Why do 80 to 90% Hydroponics and Greenhouse start-ups fail to make a profit?

Ten reasons why...

💣 Overcapitalisation – spending too much of their capital on unnecessary “nice-to-have” infrastructure and unfounded recommendations.

💣 Ignoring the local climate and mother nature’s economic benefits.

💣 Not having a proper business plan to guide them towards success.

💣 Starting without the necessary background and training.

💣 Focusing on fancy systems and top yields instead of viability and profit margins.

💣Inability to prevent and control pests, disease, overheating, frost damage, etc.

💣 Not knowing how to use Value-Boosting Principles to reduce Capex, Overheads and Operating cost. Also, Energy, Labour and Infrastructure expenses.

💣 Not knowing enough about Greenhouse Management, Marketing and Market Timing, Adding Value, Customer Demand, Post-harvest Crop Handling, Treatment, Sorting, Packing, etc.

💣 Lending their ears to biased opinions and advice handed out in good faith by individuals without the necessary background or knowledge about profitable Hydroponics and Greenhouse production systems or methods.

💣 Lacking the necessary commitment and drive to make a success of a project.

Here's the problem you face...

💣 There are too many advisers online. Also, too much advice on Hydroponics and Greenhouses, but not enough substance.

💣 Thousands of online webpages offer millions of different solutions on how to grow crops using Hydroponics! You'd need years and years to get through them all.

💣You often won't find a useful answer to your specific query. Many explanations won't work in your climate or under your conditions.

💣 Most of the recommendations need big investments to start. And most are very complex.

All of which means it looks too complex and expensive - making us afraid to start.

Here's the solution for every Hydroponic Greenhouse Grower residing in a Mild to Warm climate zone.

Enrol for my Master course.

Let me introduce you to my Step by Step 18 week Internet Training Videos.

Build Your Own Commercially Successful Hydroponics and Greenhouse Project.

Let me show you how to leverage free resources and value-boosting principles to prevent overspending.

Avoid the risks involved in paying interest and significant loan repayments due to high priced and ineffective infrastructure.

My Master course shaves hundreds of hours from your startup time and thousands of dollars or even more ZA Rands on Capex and Operating Expenses.

Discover the tried-and-tested, unbiased and best ways to manage your project and convert your capital to change your project into a "goose that lays golden eggs".

You can take advantage of some simple techniques used by serious growers and entrepreneurs to make sure that there is a market for what you want to grow and sell.

The master course is Specifically Designed for growers in mild to hot and tropical climates to uptick their knowledge base and improve their ROI.

⭐ The entire course is online. So, you can learn anywhere at any time on any device. So, you can easily fit this training into your current schedule.

Your investment in your training is risk-free. You get a full refund at any time within the first 30 days. And you can suspend your subscription at any time. You can resume later.

This course is an eighteen-week step-by-step course.

  • Expect to invest 60 minutes of your time each week to develop a brand new skill set that allows you to generate a sound, profitable income.

  • The entire course is online.

  • You proceed at your own pace.

  • Questions will be answered in separate blogs without interrupting the flow of the video downloads.

  • You get a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Within 5 months you will own the necessary skills to

  • Make sensible, cost-saving decisions right from the start

  • Start-up and manage your own Hydroponic and Greenhouse project.

  • Draft your own Business Plan with a full Financial Analysis showing the

  • Potential Revenue

  • Overheads and Operating Costs


  • ROI

  • Profit Before Tax, etc.

  • Know how to analyse and value-boost every decision you make. [It will reduce your cost and improve your project's viability without impairing its functionality or value].

  • Know how to analyse and draft a turn-around strategy for a project that isn't performing as expected

  • Realise how market timing and adding value can substantially improve your profit margin

  • Obtain many other leads, e.g.

  • Un-biased, Scientific, Engineering and Horticultural information to help you become the successful grower you want to be.

How to use practically trialled and proven technology that can help you make sensible decisions all the way.

Your instructor

Profesor Dr. Gert Venter, based in South Africa, is a well-known international consultant on hydroponics and Greenhouses.

He is an Internationally recognised, top-qualified Agricultural Engineer.

Ø He retired as Professor Emeritus after eight years' Chairmanship of the Department of Agricultural and Food Engineering at the University of Pretoria.

Ø He became fully involved in the Hydroponics and Greenhouse industry on a full-time basis since his retirement.

Ø He has more than half a century background in the fields of

* Horticulture

* Greenhouses

* Climate control

* Waste-to-Energy (W2E)

* and recently, sustainable Seawater Greenhouse planning and design .

[for the distillation of available sea or brackish, high-salinity water in arid, semi-desert

to desert conditions.

Ø His primary focus is on protected crop production in climate-controlled greenhouse facilities including:

* Hydroponics

* Aeroponics

* Vertical Farming,

* Related Technologies

* and various methods of production

Ø His other accomplishments include

* Founder of an Agricultural-Industrail Consultancy [active since January 1995].

* Authoring a compendium of 15 handbooks on Hydroponics. [Each handbook

adresses a primary sector of this stimulating field of expertise].

* Authoring more than 180 scientific and other publications and handbooks.

* Training and guiding more than 5,000 HaG growers via formal courses since 1990.

* Compiling dosens of business plans for organizations and individuals who want to

enter the exciting field of hydroponics and greenhouse technology commercially.

* Chairing the Third URBAN AFRIWORLD 2019 International Conference in Durban

in September 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts immediately. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

If you're not blown away by your experience, contact me in the first 30 days, and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.


The total cost of a conventional Hydroponics and Greenhouse course covering all the aspects mentioned above could be rated at ± US$ 500 to US$1,000 or more [depending on travelling, accommodation and other expenses].

However, you save a gigantic amount of money.

Go for the Internet Master course on offer right now.

The total sigle-payment cost for the whole course consisting of 18 one-hour video lessons is only

US$250-00 [R4,500-00]

But wait!

There is a 10% Covid-19 pandemic discount!

You pay only US$225 [R3,800-00] if you enrol before 10 September 2020.

This discount is only available during the registration period.

Only interested in specific subjects?

Should you prefer to skip some of the subjects, you are welcome to enrol on a one-by-one basis for any lessons of your choice at a one-by-one cost of only US$19-90 [R340] per lesson.

Please note!

The 30-day money-back guarantee is only applicable to single-payment registration for the full course of 18 video lessons.

Payment Methods

[Visit our website - click here!]

Payment can be done via PayPal using your credit card. Should you prefer electronic , you can make your payment of R3,950-00 directly into the following bank account and let me know about the transaction.

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