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Good news! Ready to launch! You can now register for the Hydroponics and Greenhouses Master course!

We start with the basics:

Ø Plant growth requirements

Ø what you need to consider to obtain optimum plant growth

Ø optimum climatic and other conditions for excellent plant growth

Ø plant growth stages

Ø the processes involved

Ø factors influencing optimal plant growth

Ø even hormones and related subjects.

The Internet is a super powerful tool - even more powerful than the assembly line introduced by Henry Ford a century ago.

Get all the necessary information.

Enrol for the full-fledged Master course.

The Master course includes primary Hydroponics and Greenhouse aspects:

Ø HaG Management

Ø HaG Business Planning

Ø Marketing & Financial aspects

Ø Cost-saving Energy applications

Ø Post-harvest Handling, Storage, Cooling and Packing.

Also: Adding Value and using Value Boosting Principles to reduce your cost and raise your profits.

Gert Venter is able to cover all the subjects by focusing on specifics. It saves time.

The course consists of 18 sessions of one-hour duration.

He stays away from unrelated long-winded discussions by focusing your attention on aspects of importance.

He knows how to break up major subjects into smaller pieces for easier understanding and comprehension.

All the lessons are backed by colourful PowerPoint-style slides, photos, images, bullet-point summaries, tables and graphs to save time and make everything understandable.

One image can save 1,000 words of wisdom!

Be there! Internet Training vs conventional training courses saves you truckloads of money!

Enrol now and save --

on the full value of the course.

But wait! There's more!

If you enrol now and payments are received before Monday, September 10th, you qualify for our Covid-19 discount of 10%.

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