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Announcement: Urban Agri-World 2019 Conference, 17 - 19 September 2019, Durban International Conven

Professor Emeritus Gert Venter, a well-known international hydroponics and greenhouse consultant, will be the chairman during the 3rd Urban Agri Africa Conference at the Durban International Convention Center, September 17 – 19.

He will also address the meeting on "New Seawater Greenhouse Design Technology".

The conference is the leading event for the global Urban and Indoor Farming industry.

This three-day Summit will bring together all agriculture stakeholders – from policymakers, trade and investment promotion agencies, to farmers (both commercial farmers and smallholders), credit and agri-financiers, agri-start-ups, system integrators, etc.

It offers a chance to learn, share and implement the latest developments and opportunities presented by vertical farming, urban greenhouses and controlled environment agriculture.

The Summit brings together Growers, Investors, Produce Buyers, Academics, Policy Makers, Technology & System Integrators, and CEA Business Owners.

Featuring practical sessions on the hottest topics, exhibits, lunch table discussions, and unlimited networking opportunities, it connects services and solution providers from all over the world to serious local buyers and partners.

Many countries and companies are expressing strong interest in vertical farming business & urban agriculture. It is a solution to the weather and pests problems, food security, climate change and environmental preservation challenges.

The commercialisation of vertical farming is catching on in Asia, Europe, USA, Russia & now Africa.

Many private companies are interested in growing crops in hydroponics, aquaponics & aeroponics systems in warehouses, greenhouses, containers & high skyscrapers.

There is also a burgeoning interest in the production of medicinal plants in vertical farms following the new rulings on cannabis production for medicinal use. Also the intensive production of endangered or scarce indigenous plants, as well as plants for the essential oils industry, etc.

UAW 2019 will touch on the pressing issues about progressive farming developments for the Indoor and vertical farming industry.

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