Compendium of Hydroponic handbooks

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Successful Hydroponics 

 Author: Prof. Gert Venter D. Eng.

T his internationally acclaimed handbook, previously printed in Black and White, is now available ion a USB flash drive in full-colour at a bargain  price of  US$ 19-99; or for direct downloading into your desktop computer, Laptop, I-Pad, Tablet or Smart Phone!  



Hydroponics is considered to be one of the most intensive methods of crop production in today’s agriculture. Advanced technology makes it highly productive, but it can be capital-intensive. Aerial and root environment regulation is of primary concern in hydroponics and related horticultural systems.


This handbook contains detailed practical and scientific information regarding the hydroponic production of various crops under protection, as well as information on open field hydroponic crop production.


Production often takes place inside protective enclosures. These structures are used to control air and root temperature, humidity, light, water and plant nutrition. Phenomenal crops yields of the highest quality are possible with hydroponics if you apply effective water purification techniques


Strawberry Manual

Author: Prof Gert Venter

This is a "Must have" manual if you're interested in strawberry production!

More than 600 pages full of information, colourful photos, images, graphs and other illustrations. Also, tables and bullet lists for easy reading!

Example: Book 12. Hydroponic Cucumber Production

A comprehensive scientific and practical guide to commercial hydroponic production of cucumbers in tunnels and greenhouses.

Author: Prof. Gert Venter D. Eng.

[Twelve Chapters, 250 pages, 31 illustrations, 19 tables, Questions and Answers, References etc.]



Chapter 1: Introduction: Background, varieties & history.


Chapter 2: Cucumber plant growth.


Chapter 3: Cucumber types and production aspects.


Chapter 4: Hydroponic systems for cucumbers


Chapter 5: Climatic and cultural requirements.


Chapter 6: Training systems and pruning.


Chapter 7: Engineering aspects.


Chapter 8: Nutrients and nutrient Solutions.


Chapter 9: System Maintenance.


Chapter 10: Cucumber pests, diseases and disorders.


Chapter 11: Sterilization of substrate and soil for cucumbers.


Chapter 12:  Harvesting, packing and storage.

Example:  Book 3.

Hydroponic Water Disinfestation

for Successful Hydroponic Crop Production in Greenhouses


21st Century Technology for Commercial and Home Applications

A comprehensive, practical and scientific guide to water requirements and water treatment for open and closed hydroponic systems and plant production in greenhouses and tunnels.

Author: Prof. Gert Venter D. Eng.



[Eleven Chapters, 192 pages, 46 images, 24 tables, Questions and Answers, References etc.]



Chapter 1: Introduction

  * Harmful microorganisms; unacceptable chemicals; main hydroponic techniques; water sources.

Chapter 2: Feed water quality

  * Water quality guidelines; water characteristics (pH & EC); reasons for high salinity challenges.

Chapter 3: Chemical contents of feed water

  * Makro and microelements; discussions

Chapter 4: Storage methods and rainwater benefits

  * Storage methods

  * Algae challenges.

Chapter 5: Water purification

  * Recirculating and closed hydroponic systems

  * recirculating drain water.

Chapter 6: Water purification systems

  * Slow sand (bio) filtration

  * optional sieve; membrane and ceramic filtration

  * Ultraviolet-C sterilisation; heat treatment;

  * chemical disinfection

  * ozone treatment

  * reverse osmosis

  * compost teas

  * controlling the efficiencies of sterilisation systems.

Chapter 7: Purification of excess water and rainwater

  * Reed bed systems (Types, operation and examples);

  * General conclusions.

Chapter 8: Practical examples

  * Vegetables (Fruit-bearing types; leafy vegetables and herbs)].

Chapter 9: Strawberry production

  * Feed water quality;

  * water application and storage

  * rainwater norms

  * recirculating systems;

  * potentially harmful pathogens for strawberries.

Chapter 10: Ornamental crops

  * Cut flowers

  * potted plants

  * Azalea and “fynbos” production.

Chapter 11: "Watergy" and other water-efficient greenhouses.

General comments

These Ebooks can all be read in full colour on your computer, unlike the handbook, which is printed in black and white and no longer available in printed format.only. They all contain pages of up-to-date information, full-colour photos,  images and tables


The tables contain information on nutrient formulations, major, macro and microelements required by plants, pH and EC recommendations etc, and also has a glossary of horticultural terminology, as well as the main metabolic plant processes, conversion tables, nutrient formulations etc.

* Enjoy their full-colour images on your computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone. and save money!

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